If you are still looking to purchase a home, “Five Reasons to Consider UFFC Mortgage as Your Lender of Choice.”

  1. UFFC is a full-service mortgage banker that offers a streamlined process. After your initial loan application, your file will be underwritten, processed, closed, and funded with UFFC’s in-house process. Always completed by a UFFC employee!
  2. UFFC also offers our mortgage broker services, which allows us to always remain one of the most competitive lending sources for both those interest rate shoppers and for those borrowers that need a non-traditional loan program.
  3. Let UFFC provide you with a loan estimate of what we offer. Compare it to your current loan approval and see how we compare. Even if UFFC provides rates and products that are more favorable than your current lender and you decide not to change…. consider using the UFFC loan offer to negotiate better rates or terms with your current lender.
  4. Even if you only need a resource for questions that you may have on the home buying process.   I can help even if we are not your lender of choice.  With licensing in mortgage lending, real estate and all property, casualty, life, health, and title insurance lines, I would be more than happy to simply be a resource of information if you need it.
  5. UFFC offers a complete line of financing options to include VA, FHA, Conventional, and USDA loan programs.  We also offer construction to permanent financing, down payment assistance products, and non-qualified mortgage loans.

Ready to get started……

  • Qualify Online. Please select the highlighted link below and complete the requested information which will allow me to begin working on your file. I will not need all the information that is listed on the online application, however, please complete as much as possible and when you are finished, simply be sure to select the submit request as this will provide notice that your loan request is ready for review. Apply Online
  • Sample Loan Worksheet. Want to see what your monthly payment will look like, please visit www.uffcmtg.com and select "Home Purchase Qualifier" - no personal data is required, and a loan worksheet will be sent!
  • iSoftpull. If you are not quite ready to apply for a mortgage loan but would like a snapshot of how your credit profile looks.... consider our iSoftpull option. The ISoftpull report provides a FICO score used for your initial loan summary. No Social Security Number or Date of Birth is required and there is No Impact of a Hard Pull on your credit profile! Authorization Request for an “ISoftpull” Review.

So, whether you have just begun your new home search or have already found your dream home, we have you covered! When you are prepared to make an offer on a home, we will personalize a qualifying letter to match your offer.

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Tulsa, OK 74103