Looking To Buy a Home? Be Sure to Ask Your Real Estate Agent These Five Questions. 

  1. During the buying process, what should I expect your response time to be should I have any questions?  
  2. What is your preferred method (Call, Text, or Email) for me to ask any questions that I might have during this buying process?
  3. Do you work with more buyers or more sellers?
  4. Can you provide some detailed information of what I should expect with regards to home warranties?  
  5. How will I know you will act in my best interest?

Purchasing what is likely to be your largest asset will come with many questions and concerns.   Be sure that any questions or concerns that come up during the buying process are addressed promptly and through a line of communication that works best for you!

 Always make sure that your agent is working exclusively for you.  If your agent is representing both the seller and the buyer, you might become concerned that your representation may be blended with that of the seller.  

 Obtaining complete details on what coverage will be in place should any problems come up during your initial twelve months or longer in your new home.  What happens if there are major plumbing issues such as a broken sewage line? What happens if your HVAC unit needs to be replaced within your first year in the home?  What happens if your roof begins leaking after a heavy rainstorm?  

 A few more tips!

  • Don’t be too concerned about working with just an experienced agent as some new agents will definitely work hard for you!    Focus more on how accessible the agent will be for any questions or concerns that you might have.
  • Ask how old the roof, the HVAC Unit, and Water Heater are. Even if you obtain a property inspection that indicates all are in good condition, do a little research to see what the cost would be to replace any of these items should this come up during your first few years in the home.

 Homeownership is certainly a wonderful thing!  Make sure that during your homebuying process that you always keep the focus on you!   Never make the process about the realtor, the lender or any other party involved in this process. All parties involved should have a vested interest in you during this exciting time of purchasing a home.

 And, if you are not working with a real estate agent, always remember that not only am I a licensed mortgage lender, but I am also a licensed real estate agent.  Even though I do not actively work as a real estate agent, I can refer you to one of our preferred Real Estate Agents!

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